Our History

We have provided graphic and composition services for 6 of Mr. Johnson's music videos, designed 2 squeeze pages and an Electronic Press Kit.


Mr. Johnson has 4 CD's released and is in the studio producing his 5th... he needed to be able to put them all together onto one page to make promoting them easier. Mr. Johnson does a lot of radio interviews and needed a Press Kit to forward to the stations prior to the interviews. He is also heavily involved in social networking and needed content for fresh and relevant status updates as well as keep his fans informed of his tour dates and CD releases.


We have put together an Electronic Press Kit with links that are well suited for email and social site placement. We put his Electronic Press Kit on this format to provide him with the versatility of presenting ever evolving pertinent information to a wide variety of requests, from scheduled appearances to where to buy his CD collection. Editing and revising content in this format is easy enough that Mr. Johnson can take control of his own content on the go. Again this format suits micro and macro use of URL link sharing on social sites. He can promote any one of his 4 CD's individually with their own link or he can promote all 4 at once. FOLLOW THIS LINK TO CHECK OUT THE PRESS KIT....(please use the back button to return to this page)
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